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Rules On Banned Breeds


We will still be allowing XL bullies here in our parks.

Here is a list of rules for banned breeds that must be followed:

Your dog must be muzzled and on lead until they are in the parks and the gates are secure. 


You must make sure the previous client has vacated the parks and secured their dog into their vehicle before you get your dog out of your car.


You must muzzle and leash your dog before leaving the parks and leave 2 minutes early at the end of your session to avoid any cross over with the next client and their dog. 

You must have insurance to cover any incidents involving your dog.


Apart from the toilets and the car parks all other areas of the farm are out of bounds.

You must be able to provide a copy of the policy if asked to do so. 


I hope this helps to assure you that we are acting in the best interest to keep you and your dogs safe.

K9 Park and Play will not be held accountable for any injuries or incidents that happen in the parks.

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